Purpose Comes Alive at East Lake

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Red Cullers Group Creative Director |

Sep 10, 2014 · 2-minute read

The East Lake Foundation has a solution for poverty. It’s not easy. It’s not quick. But it is working. And BrightHouse is working with them to make sure the world knows. East Lake is now working to expand their model in more Purpose Built Communities across America, but to do more, we need to raise awareness of what’s been called, “the Miracle at East Lake.”

When the East Lake Foundation was founded in 1995 with the mission of breaking the cycle of intergeneration poverty in the hands-down worst neighborhood in Atlanta, average employment was 13.5%. That’s employment, not unemployment.
Now, employment is at 70% with everyone receiving government housing assistance either working or in job training. What’s more, the East Lake Foundation has created a community with housing that’s available to every income, education from cradle to college, and a focus on wellness. The neighborhood that used to be known as “little Vietnam” is now home to one of the best public schools in Georgia. They’ve turned poverty into possibility.
Our new videos about their transformation are slated to appear at this year’s Tour Championship by Coca-Cola at the East Lake Golf Course. 10th grade Drew School Student Kayla Anderson provides the voice over for this quick journey through hundreds of stories that have changed a community. From Eva Davis and her family who made sure the voice of the community was heard, to the kids in the First Tee early golfing program, we can arrange for you to interview community members who appear in the video about their connection to East Lake and the effect the foundation has had on their life.

Learn more about East Lake’s innovative blueprint for change, and how they’re taking it to communities across America through Purpose Built Communities.

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