BCG Acquires BrightHouse

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May 28, 2015 · 2-minute read

The company that brought the science of strategy to business now brings the art of purpose to the world. That’s right, BrightHouse, LLC is now a part of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

We are also excited to announce Doug Shipman as our new CEO. Joey Reiman, BrightHouse’s founder, will transition to Chairman. Cathy Carlisi will remain BrightHouse’s President and Chief Creative Officer, and Dolly Meese will remain EVP and Chief Strategy Officer.
For over 50 years, businesses have been turning to BCG for world-class management consulting. For the first time, they’ll be able to turn to BCG with BrightHouse to uncover and activate their organization’s purpose.

“BCG is the perfect partner for BrightHouse,” said BrightHouse President and CCO Cathy Carlisi. “Together, we have the one-of-a-kind frameworks, people and experience to articulate and activate purpose.”

With the addition of BrightHouse, BCG will be able to offer holistic, purpose-driven solutions across an entire enterprise—from culture, to strategy, to branding. That commitment to purpose can create transformative growth, the kind where a company is both doing well financially and doing good for the world.
“With purpose, business can solve world issues while elevating their brand to a stand. Actions replace ads, customers turn into advocates. Business is moving from the sole focus of the life of business to a more soulful focus on the business of improving life,” says BrightHouse founder, Joey Reiman in his latest book, The Story of Purpose.

According to BrightHouse’s EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Dolly Meese, “BrightHouse and BCG are seen as leaders in their respective spaces. By formally partnering with BCG, we build on years of our firms collaborating across a variety of industries, allowing us to form a truly comprehensive offering with critical expertise in defining clients’ purposes and working with them to fully deliver on it.”

BrightHouse pioneered the work of purpose in the business world and has been the source and resource for purpose articulation and activation work for 20 years.
Joey sees the combination of BCG and BrightHouse as a bellweather for business. “When the world’s top consulting firm buys the company that brings purpose to society, it’s because they know that the most important client is, in fact, humanity.”

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