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Ashley Grice Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director | Maria Khodorkovsky BCG BrightHouse Alumna |

Dec 01, 2021 · 2-minute read

What do Survivor contestants, Polynesian way-finders, and professional futurists have in common? They all can help us navigate today’s unprecedented challenges, and they all are guests of BCG BrightHouse’s podcast, She Wonders (Season 2).

Creating unlikely pairings to illuminate unexpected answers, Season 2 of She Wonders brings Luminaries with unique backgrounds in conversation with BCG BrightHouse CEO, Ashley Grice—uncovering novel solutions to the most pressing challenges exacerbated in the past two years.

To put the podcast together, the She Wonders team first identified the biggest psychological hurdles of a post-2020/21 world: namely, uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, and feelings of scarcity. Then, we identified Luminaries who could draw from uncommon expertise to bring divergent perspectives that spark novel answers for navigating these challenges.

After preparing some questions and whetting our appetite for discovery, we let the conversation take its natural course: enjoying the magic that arises from the crossing of divergent ideas.

She Wonders Season 2 includes 3 episodes, each of which puts a Luminary in conversation with BCG BrightHouse CEO, Ashley Grice, to spark novel ideas for our timeliest challenges.

Episode 1: Looking Back to Find Our Way Forward with Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey

This conversation draws from the wisdom of our ancestors to guide our way forward. Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey (Polynesian Way-finder and National Geographic Fellow) shares how we can all be better way-finders, to better understand ourselves, others, and pave our way forward. Some highlights include learning how to leverage the intersection of head and heart, and mastering reading the waves.

Episode 2: Embracing Uncertainty with Kelly Goldsmith

Survivor contestant and Scarcity Expert, Kelly Goldsmith, teaches us about building resilience by embracing uncertainty, goal setting amid ambiguity, and the concept of post traumatic growth. It’s been an exhausting—and devastating—pandemic for us all. This episode provides tips on how to start the healing process.

Episode 3: Daydreaming to Groundbreaking with Angela Oguntala

Angela Oguntala, Futurist and Founder of a Foresight Agency, sheds light on the power of dreaming and imagination, and how we—as individuals, communities, and businesses—can imagine and actualize a new future. This episode gives us permission to dream, to honor our vision, and to take our future into our own hands.

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