How to Take Your Company from Purpose to Trust to Lasting Value

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BCG BrightHouse

Apr 16, 2024 · 2-minute read

Looking to achieve organizational alignment? Our formula is built on three essential ingredients: purpose, trust, and reputation. Understanding stakeholders’ perceptions of a company—and using purpose, trust, and reputation to thoroughly align those perceptions with their expectations—can drive lasting value. Here’s three key takeaways from our latest whitepaper, “From Purpose to Trust to Lasting Value,”, by Marcos Aguiar, Russell Dubner, Francesco Frontani, and Ashley Grice.

The alignment between a company’s purpose and its stakeholders’ expectations is fundamental. companies need to develop a clearly articulated purpose that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.

Leaders must work to embed clarity of purpose across their organization — and abide by it. When a company follows through from promise to action, it encourages people to trust that it will continue to do so. That trust grows over time, as the company repeatedly meets stakeholder’s expectations.

By more fully understanding the complex factors that undergird trust, leaders put themselves in a better position to build and hold onto trust and to align perceptions across the spectrum of stakeholders. By measuring shaping, and intentionally building such trust, they can ensure that a positive reputation will grow — and last.

These three ingredients are crucial for companies seeking to enhance their value proposition in an increasingly interconnected and stakeholder-conscious business landscape. For a more detailed exploration, the full article can be found here.

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