Bright Design: Pumping Our Hearts Into Purpose

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Sierra Sutton Associate Creative Director |

Nov 28, 2016 · 3-minute read

At BrightHouse we help our clients share their purpose with the world. For Tuthill, an industrial pump manufacturer, we created logos, packaging design, and other materials that made their purpose come to life.

Tuthill, an industrial pump manufacturer, came to BrightHouse to discover their purpose. Inspired by their history and dedication to giving back to the world we developed a purpose that fit both the role they play as a brand, and the role they play in our lives. We went back to the ethos of the original pump: the human heart. With purpose in hand we then developed a broad range of logos, packaging, and other materials that would communicate their purpose to the world.
As part of this, we created Wake the World. Wake the World is a cause platform that was inspired by Tuthill’s dedication to create partnerships with organizations committed to waking the world’s real needs, such as disaster relief, youth assistance, and many others. The logo, created as a further deduction from the original heart, stands as a symbol of these partnerships, and is used today with Team Rubicon, an organization that unites experienced veterans with emergency responders to provide disaster relief.


We created a series of three interrelated logos that interlock to convey their promise, mission, and passion to better the world.

Using a clean, minimal design we were able to capture the simplicity of Tuthill’s purpose: Pump Your Heart Into It. The logo is dynamic, in that it both features the heart of their work, and the good that they pump into the world. Beginning with a solid shape, we used negative space to create an upwards arrow, playing off the direction of Tuthill’s forward thinking purpose. And like the products that Tuthill creates, the logo is all about the pieces coming together to create something filled with wonder.

With their purpose we were able to create a wide range of ideas including a microsite, packaging, merchandise, along with marketing materials that would equip the folks at Tuthill. With these ideas and designs they were then able to proudly announce both their purpose and cause partnership.


Discovering Tuthill’s purpose and creating inspired work they can share with the world is something we are proud to have accomplished here at BrightHouse. To learn more about the brand and to see where our work lives, visit or visit the cause-related microsite,

Learn more about the partner we introduced to Tuthill, Team Rubicon at

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