From delivering goods to delivering good

The restaurant industry’s upheaval led a key supplier to lean on its “why”

As a global organization providing food to restaurants, schools, hospitals, and more, Sysco felt what they did for customers was bigger than just the goods they delivered. They wanted both employees and customers to understand their purpose more clearly. We articulated what Sysco really delivers: Connecting the World to Share Food and Care for One Another. And that was just the beginning.

We designed an internal purpose communications program to create inspiration and impact

This included defining internal behaviors, aligning values, and cascading purpose throughout all Sysco’s global locations through a series of animations that brought the fresh food Sysco delivers to a higher level.

We created Sysco's revamped purpose identity.
From the typography to color and custom food illustrations, everything was designed through the lens of Sysco's purpose, allowing it to come to life internally and, eventually, to the rest of the world.
To help employees engage with purpose, we created a set of helpful tools that included playful food animations, engagement workshops, and daily reminders.

Sysco rolled out a purpose-driven communications strategy across the organization and beyond

This included leveraging a long-term messaging guide and template as well as an everyday communications guide that reinforced the language of their purpose following launch.

We made a messaging template to ensure alignment between communications and purpose.
Sysco ran interactive workshop experiences for senior leaders and associates to encourage employees to not only understand but feel personally vested in their purpose.
We crafted a unifying framework to illustrate the relationship among purpose, mission, identity, and values.

A film series captured Sysco’s timeless reason for existing and how it serves humanity’s need for connection

Sysco gathered hand-written letters from customers and associates that shared the good they delivered each day, across the world.
Each customer highlighted in the purpose film told a personal story of how Sysco kept their business going. This is one of those stories that shows Sysco’s purpose in action.
The launch of Sysco’s purpose film was such a success that the organization decided it needed another serving. So we set out with our cameras once again — this time internationally — to show how Sysco employees serve customers in the most remote locations, always making connection their primary language.

Over 70,000 employees now see themselves as ambassadors devoted to bringing people together by bringing food to every table

For Sysco, purpose transformed from inspiring language to a unifying belief embraced company-wide.

Through our work with BCG BrightHouse, we’re now providing a seat for everyone at the table, so together, we’re creating a recipe our associates and customers can believe in.

Neil Russell
Sysco Chief Administrative Officer

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