From facing new realities to reaching new heights

Seeing rough skies ahead, Lufthansa wanted to reshape their identity and inspire their people

A leader in European air travel for nearly a century, the German air carrier was facing industry-wide challenges. The worldwide pandemic was reducing travel volumes, while the industry as a whole was feeling pressure over its environmental impact. Lufthansa engaged BCG BrightHouse to help mold their culture and inspire the action that would prepare the company for the possible turbulence ahead.

With purpose in the cockpit, Lufthansa expanded their role in the world

We researched Lufthansa’s history and culture to uncover positive organizational traits such as resilience in a crisis, passion for aviation technology, and a real care for their customers and colleagues. These findings suggested a new role for the air-carrier that had them stepping up and taking responsibility for passengers, their colleagues, the climate, and the future. With this new direction set, we crafted the organization’s purpose:

Lufthansa cultivated a more strategically ambitious and human culture

To live their purpose, Lufthansa needed to change their culture. Our team decoded the air-carrier’s DNA, identifying over 100 beliefs, behaviors, and processes, and hosted employee workshops to draw a distinction between the company’s present and target culture. Insights from these steps led Lufthansa to champion a more strategically ambitious culture, that was also warm and supportive to employees. We revealed obstacles to this evolution, then created a clear plan forward that included key ambitions, guardrails, and context levers. Concrete change measures were put in place to drive the necessary behavior shifts for both leadership and employees.

Our purpose expands our radius of responsibility so that we can develop Lufthansa further, so that employees look forward to their work because they enjoy it. Our basic principle — We Take Off to Take Care — provides orientation and gives us energy.

Jens Ritter
CEO, Lufthansa Airlines



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