Promoting connections to grow progress

Edenred wanted to generate excellence by strengthening their already powerful strategy and CSR approach with purpose

Since 1962, Edenred has provided targeted payments associated with employee benefits — like meal vouchers, fuel cards, and gift certificates. The organization serves 60 million employee users, 1 million corporate clients, and 2 million partner merchants in 45 countries. Though they were already making a positive impact, they engaged us to help articulate a purpose that would enable them to deliver more.

  • 93 %

    participation rate in online survey

  • 8

    conversations with 20-person representative groups

  • 6

    focus groups of around 15 employees each from all geographies and BUs

  • 2

    site visits

Our research showed that Edenred creates meaningful matches in society, which leads into their goal to harness networks to improve daily lives

Further insights and findings framed the pillars that inform and support Edenred’s purpose

Hand in hand with the Edenred teams, we crafted four purpose principles that describe Edenred at its best. These organization-wide values are meant to guide decision making and shape behaviors across culture, strategy, and brand. Accompanying mini-narratives explain the way the company lives each principle.

Narrative text: "At Edenred, our stakeholders' interest is our main interest. We care to make a difference for the people in our ecosystem. As a sum of networks, Edenred nurtures and brings life to all these links."
Narrative text: "Edenred takes pride in making things happen and turning ideas into value for stakeholders. We have a passion for our changing world and reinvent ourselves accordingly."
Narrative text: "Core to Edenred's culture is making people feel welcome. In fact, the circle in our logo is a symbol of community. With respect as a sacred rule at Edenred, everyone commits to having an open mind and supporting each other."
Narrative text: "Edenred's goal is bringing people what they really need. Our global platforms give us the scale and robustness to serve clients everywhere, and we want our customers to feel that we are always within reach."

Edenred’s purpose encouraged action and charged excitement for their future

We articulated Edenred’s purpose statement: Enrich connections. For good. To accompany the statement, we wrote a purpose narrative — a story that brings context and meaning to the purpose line while connecting the organization’s past to its future. We also aligned Edenred’s existing CSR strategy to purpose by identifying three bold commitments they could take to ground their purpose in the real world.

Edenred won an award for using their purpose to deliver on economic, social, and environmental needs

At the second edition of the “Trophées de la raison d’être,” organized by The Why Project, Edenred received the 2022 Purpose Trophy for their progress in using purpose.

Our purpose is a reflection of what brings us together and drives us forward: strong values, an ambitious strategy, virtuous relationships with our stakeholders, and a commitment to CSR embedded in our DNA. We make sure that it guides us in all our endeavors.

Bertrand Dumazy
Chairman and CEO of the Edenred Group

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