We Welcome Cristina Lilly to the Role of President, North America!

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Jan 25, 2023 · 3-minute read

Announcing a change in our North American Leadership. BCG BrightHouse welcomes Cristina Lilly as the firm’s new President, North America. Cathy Carlisi, former President, North America will continue with BCG BrightHouse in her role as Managing Director and we are grateful for her nine-year tenure as President, North America during which, BCG BrightHouse has flourished.


Cathy joined BrightHouse shortly after its founding and is our longest-serving employee – a title that no one will have a chance to take from her, as she’s not going anywhere. Cathy has invested 20 years growing BCG BrightHouse by developing processes, products, frameworks, and our staff. She has led seminal work across geographies and industries from financial to consumer to industrial goods.

“Cathy has been instrumental to the creation and growth of BCG BrightHouse as a company and a cultural force for Purpose from the start,” said BCG BrightHouse CEO Ashley Grice, “I want to personally thank Cathy for her considerable contributions and let everyone know that she will continue to contribute to our culture and develop BCG BrightHouse in her new role.”

Cristina is new to the role, but not new to BCG BrightHouse. Cristina joined BCG BrightHouse New York in 2017. She has since led Purpose projects for iconic luxury, automotive, technology, and consumer goods clients worldwide, and she also oversees our own marketing and branding efforts. Cristina began her career in advertising, where for over a decade she worked with large global brands leading teams to develop award-winning campaigns for their clients. She then transitioned to the client side. With more twenty years of marketing experience on both sides of the business, Cristina has helped brands of all sizes find their clear and distinct voices and develop strategic roadmaps for growth.

During an all-staff announcement on Jan 18th 2023, Cathy passed the baton to Cristina. “It’s been an honor to serve as President, and I’m thrilled to continue supporting our clients in our vital work on Purpose.” Cathy said, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cristina closely for many years as she’s brought in new categories of clients and expanded our Purpose branding offering. You’re in great hands.”


Cathy then produced a handmade magic wand with a star at the top. “When leadership changes, it’s often called a passing of the baton, but here at BrightHouse, we pass the magic wand. I’m so proud to officially welcome Cristina and pass the wand to her.”

Cristina accepted the wand and thanked the House, “I’m honored to have the opportunity to build on Cathy’s strong legacy and impact over the past 9 years and look forward to partnering with Ashley and the entire BCG BrightHouse North America team to continue to expand our capabilities, and support our teams and create meaningful impact for our clients in our next phase of global growth.”

BCG BrightHouse would like to formally thank Cathy Carlisi for all her years of service as President, North America and welcome Cristina Lilly to the role.


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