The 6TH Floor Film: From Wonder? To Wonder!

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David Bunzey Senior Producer |

Aug 10, 2018 · 3-minute read

At BrightHouse, everyone is a thinker. It’s more than a fun way to say “employees,” it’s part of our official titles. It’s on our business cards, and it’s an option to pick on our timesheets. That’s because we believe having the time and space to think is crucial to help people find light. You see, when you stop and think, you notice things you hadn’t noticed before. And that’s exactly how the 6th floor project happened.

The elevator dings as we stop at the 6th floor. The doors open and the silhouette of a man, Mike Brady, standing tall with a leather briefcase, appears through the morning light. He is our Creative Director who embodies subtle greatness. I’m a young filmmaker, new to BrightHouse. I want to get to know Mike more, and the first question that comes to my mind is, why does he park on the 6th floor? This question sparked a conversation that led us down a path of short stories by Hemingway, the music by Erik Satie, and why anyone does anything. We enjoyed talking and thinking together so much that we decided to make a film about what had brought us together: a question about the 6th floor.

BrightHouse is the Home of Purpose, a place that Discovers True Light in the World. We find what is valuable – sometimes in the forgotten places. All by giving people the license to think, the space to act, the time to invent, create, imagine, and the power to fight for your own light.

Once we had shot and created our own unique movie, we invited the rest of the house to get inspired to make something. We held a screening in the sixth floor parking lot on August 6th, with mimosas, donuts, a Q&A for the cast and crew, and a giant shiny gold balloon of the number 6. Every Monday morning the creative department gets together for an inspiration meeting, and well, this was a typical Monday. As we all rode back up in the elevators, the same ones that had brought Mike Brady and myself together, I felt like many more connections were being made in this bright place where we’re allowed to stretch and think.

So, where do you park?

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