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Maria Khodorkovsky BCG BrightHouse Alumna |

Mar 05, 2020 · 3-minute read


Every day is International Women’s Day when you work for an international organization led by women. We kid of course, but that got us thinking: sometimes we take for granted how openly we talk about the tough stuff at work. Things like feeling inadequate, or learning that diversity is not enough without inclusion and that we’ll fail many times on the road to getting it right. Embracing failure—not just for its lessons, but for its reminder that we are all human. You know, the usual breakroom chit-chat.

So we decided to launch She Wonders, a podcast about common work issues that aren’t commonly discussed. We asked our directors to clear their calendars, then invited members of our Luminary Network—leading experts from diverse fields—to shed light on tricky topics.

Give it a listen, tell us what you think by reviewing it, and if you like what you hear, share the wonder with your friends.

Episode 1: Work-life harmony

Start with the melody. Start with what matters to you, then layer on the rest. And don’t fear the tension. It’s absolutely necessary for the resolution.

An episode for those who want more than work-life balance.

Guests include Okorie Johnson, Cellist and Composer #okcello, and Andra London, Senior Director of Strategy at BrightHouse.

Hosted by Jess Noel, Thinker and Senior Art Director at BrightHouse.

Episode 2: Imposter syndrome

That nagging voice in your head. The one that questions how you got here and if you deserved it. If you’re good enough. Let’s talk back to it.

An episode for those who struggle with doubt—and for leaders who want to help their teams beat it.

Guests include Chip Gross, Managing Director at BrightHouse, and Dr. Adia Gooden, Psychologist and Director of Community Programs & Outcome Measurement at Northwestern University.

Hosted by Judy Oh, Thinker and Strategy Director at BrightHouse.

Episode 3: Courageous inclusion

There’s power in vulnerability. But for those in powerful positions, opening up can feel like a contradiction: why admit you have questions when people look to you for answers?

An episode about the courage to create inclusive communities.

Guests include Carlton Mackey, Director of the Ethics & the Arts Program at Emory University and Founder of #BlackMenSmile, and Ashley Grice, CEO at BrightHouse.

Hosted by Jess Newfield, Thinker and Strategy Director at BrightHouse.

To get the word out, we sent a little gift of light to some of our favorite thought leaders.


That’s the hosts there on the packaging.


But we’re far from done. We’re excited to continue the conversation, tackling the topics that broaden our thinking.

Oh, and if you’ve got an idea for future episodes, we’re all ears. Shoot us an email at

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