New Partnership Between BCG BrightHouse and The British Academy Aims to Turn Purpose Scholarship into Practice

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Feb 01, 2021 · 4-minute read

February 1, 2021 – ATLANTA, GA – BCG BrightHouse embarked on a new year-long partnership with the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation program examining the central role that corporate purpose plays in business. The program brings together a unique combination of practitioners and researchers in the field and seeks to understand how businesses can profitably solve social and environmental problems.

BCG Brighthouse’s year-long partnership with the British Academy involves three co-hosted workshops convening industry leaders and academics to discuss the topic. The workshops will bring together a diverse set of views to the challenges, and will take place in different regions: one in the Americas, one in Asia Pacific and one in Europe.

Ashley Grice, CEO of BrightHouse, describes the partnership as a marriage of theory and practice, “For over 25 years, BrightHouse has been focused on bringing purpose to organizations. With leaders like the British Academy now behind the movement, we are confident that the future of corporation will be characterized not only by purposeful intent but also by purposeful action.”

The Future of the Corporation program brings together a range of partners from industry and civil society to examine some of the most challenging questions facing business today. Professor Colin Mayer FBA, Lead Academic Fellow of the program and Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, is eager to see change in the business sector: “The program is the most comprehensive review to date of the future of the corporation. It has assembled an extensive evidence base and network of expertise on the subject of corporate purpose. Using this as a springboard, we are now looking to generate new solutions and gather the best ideas for implementing purposeful business. This is where partnerships like the one with BCG BrightHouse are so valuable.”

The partnership will support the development of new ideas and creative solutions to help business leaders, investors and policymakers navigate the pathways to embedding purpose in business practice and policy. It will allow open debate on purposeful business, engage new audiences and develop a narrative around the role business may play in solving some of the biggest challenges of people and planet.

The British Academy’s Future of the Corporation program is hosting speakers such as Al Gore and Aruma Oteh at its second Purpose Summit (between 1-4 February).

About BCG BrightHouse:
Long before corporate purpose became a buzzword, BCG’s BrightHouse, a global creative consultancy, pioneered business purpose consulting. For a quarter of a century, companies have been turning to us to excavate true business purpose, and then fully activate and embed that purpose throughout the organization. Embracing corporate purpose is about enhancing the performance of your top and bottom lines by unlocking growth and profits; attracting, retaining, and energizing employees; achieving social impact; and inspiring customers.

About the British Academy:
The British Academy is the voice of the humanities and social sciences. The Academy is an independent fellowship of world-leading scholars and researchers; a funding body for research, nationally and internationally; and a forum for debate and engagement.

For more information, please visit Follow the British Academy on Twitter @BritishAcademy_

For more information, please contact Sean Canty at the British Academy Press Office on or +44 (0)207 969 5273.

About the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation Program:
The British Academy’s Future of the Corporation project aims to contribute to bringing about a paradigm shift that redefines business in the 21st century and builds trust between business and society. The second Future of the Corporation Purpose Summit will be held on 1, 2 and 4 February 2021. The line-up includes: Victor Adebowale, Julia Black, David Blood, Natalie Campbell, Al Gore, Janine Guillot, Rebecca Henderson, Julia Hobsbawm, Ed Miliband, Jesse Norman, Saker Nusseibeh, Arunma Oteh, Julie Pybus, Raghuram Rajan, Minouche Shafik, Leo Strine and Gillian Tett.


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