How Do I Know if My Purpose is Well Articulated and Deeply Embedded?

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Cristina Lilly President, North America, Managing Director | Maggie Schear Managing Director |

Feb 02, 2019 · 2-minute read

Are you unsure if your firm’s purpose is well articulated and deeply embedded? Articulating a purpose is only the beginning of the journey. The next step is to activate that purpose throughout the organization—communicating it both internally and externally, and using it to reshape the firm’s culture, strategy, and branding. Ultimately, it should be something that affects the day-to-day work of every employee, from portfolio managers to support staff.

Not sure if your firm’s purpose is powerfully articulated and thoroughly embedded? Ask yourself the following questions, which arise in four key areas. If you can’t answer yes to them all, you may be leaving value on the table.

    Does your firm have a clear and compelling purpose, distilled to a single, emotive, memorable, inspirational, and timeless purpose statement that captures not the “what” but the “why”?
    Do your employees understand this purpose, and does it galvanize them to perform better? If you were to ask 100 employees why their firm exists, would you get a consistent answer?
    Are your firm’s leaders integrating the purpose in their key decision-making processes? Does it affect the day-to-day behaviors of both leaders and employees?
    Is your purpose influencing the way your firm is perceived by stakeholders, both internally and externally?
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