How Authenticity Unlocks Corporate Impact

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Maggie Schear Managing Director | Rich Hutchinson BCG Managing Director & Senior Partner; Global Leader, Social Impact Practice |

Dec 12, 2023 · 2-minute read

It’s a challenging time for corporate leaders to navigate the landscape of social and environmental impact; there is a strong business case for action coupled with complex stakeholder dynamics to manage. In light of this, we believe authenticity is even more essential today and is the key to unlocking corporate impact.

In the full-length article, we dig deeper into the why, what, and how of authenticity in corporate sustainability and social impact. In short, we explore:

Given the complex stakeholder dynamics globally, it is critical for companies to focus where they have an authentic role to play.

At its core, authenticity means “it is what it professes to be.” Applied to corporations, we see two critical dimensions of this definition:

  1. True to action – do what you say
  2. True to origin – be who you are

We use a set of filters for evaluating where best to focus, looking for topics and flagship efforts that sit at the intersection of capability, conviction, and opportunity.

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