Fieldtrip: Storytelling Seminar with NPR’s Rose Scott

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Red Cullers Group Creative Director |

Sep 26, 2016 · 2-minute read

Telling stories is as old as time, but their delivery is always evolving. That’s why we asked NPR’s Rose Scott to tell us a little bit about storytelling from her perspective as an award winning journalist on A Closer Look and All Things Considered.

If you’re from Atlanta, you’ve probably heard Rose on the radio. Rose Scott co-hosts A Closer Look on WABE 90.1 FM, the Atlanta National Public Radio affiliate. Most recently Rose was the producer of All Things Considered.

For the last few years, Rose has been covering topics dealing with minority health, Atlanta historically Black colleges and universities, gender issues and sports, Georgia’s death penalty, sex trafficking of minors in Atlanta as well as the country’s biggest cheating scandal found in the Atlanta Public Schools. So it was an honor to have her speak to us about her experiences and how storytelling plays a key role in local reporting.

BrightHouse brings in luminary experts to educate and illuminate issues that are important to our work. As part of our storytelling learning agenda, BrightHouse visited NPR to hear Rose’s invaluable perspective on the importance of inclusion and diversity when telling stories, as well as a primer on what stories are worth telling.

In Rose’s view a story is worth telling if it is:

  • Relevant and timely
  • Telling new information
  • Presenting unfamiliar voice(s)
  • Authentic (telling the truth)
  • And (most importantly for BrightHouse) results in creating social change

In order to create that change, Rose was adamant that you must educate the listener, embrace different views and empower them to create the change they want to see in the world. With this framework to help inform our own powerful storytelling, BrightHouse is well armed to help our brands educate, embrace and empower change. A big Thank You to NPR from all of us at the house.

And look for more information about our culture here at BrightHouse on the blog. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest insights on purpose.

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