Bright Life: Work From Home Wednesday

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Sierra Sutton Associate Creative Director |

Jul 25, 2016 · 2-minute read

Here at BrightHouse, we celebrate creativity in all work we do, which often requires fresh perspectives that can’t always been found sitting at a desk. To encourage space to create, refresh, and just be ourselves, the “Work from Home Wednesday” tradition was born. Every Wednesday we get to choose how we work, whether it’s in the office, at a local coffee shop, or simply from home.

BrightHouse thinkers are empowered to work where ever they think is best, whenever they need to. You might take your weekly team meeting to a bubble tea shop, have an ideation happen over Korean tacos, or schedule your postmortem meeting for Wednesday when everyone is relaxed at home and ready to receive feedback. To capture the unique style of our team members and find out where they are on the other side of the conference call, our summer interns Monroe Ramsey and Jordan Mathews traveled around Atlanta to film and curate the different ways people like to work on “Work from Home Wednesdays.”

WFHW is one important part of BrightHouse’s unique work culture. Each person here is a Thinker, and we all value having dedicated time to think deeply about our clients and how we can create something that revolutionizes their business. Wednesday is the ideal time to block our calendars and actually sit down to think. Focusing on introspection lets us take the long term view for our clients, considering the implications of purpose decades into the future.

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