Bright Life: We’re All Famillionaires

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Red Cullers Group Creative Director |

Jun 15, 2017 · 3-minute read

At BrightHouse, we believe that family makes us rich. That’s why, we call ourselves Famillionaires. The Famillionare policy makes sure that we take time to take care of ourselves and our families. And it’s just another sunny part of Bright Life.

Family is Everything is one of our values. We believe that family starts at home with our husbands, wives, children and parents. We also believe that our familial responsibilities extend to our BrightHouse family, our community, and to the family of all living things. That’s why, we say—quite literally—that family is everything.

At work, this means looking out for our BrightHouse family. Thinkers are always willing to help across projects, jump in on short notice, and provide thought partnership for each other. We have a culture of mentorship and giving feedforward (instead of feedback) to help every thinker move forward faster.
Outside of BrightHouse, we understand that our families at home help our Thinkers come to work each day. When a Thinker is working late or traveling, our families help us stay focused. And at BrightHouse, our families often help out on projects. From being a sounding board for ideas to collecting props to actually starring in some of our films, our family members contribute much to our BrightHouse Family.

Here’s a super cut of some of our family members who’ve starred in our films.

We live our commitment to our families by making sure our employees have the time they need to care for their relationships. Whether that means attending a funeral, planning a wedding, giving birth, or celebrating a 100th birthday, we work within our teams to make it work. We also show our family how members how much we appreciate them by inviting them to company parties and into the office for a visit, where we take time to thank them for all they do to support our Thinkers.

Another example of our commitment to our families is our exceptional maternity leave policy. BrightHouse offers up to six weeks of paid parental leave to all new parents. Birth mothers also receive eligible short term disability (6 – 8 weeks) benefits in addition to the Parental Leave Policy. Plus, when any Thinker has a baby, BrightHouse gives them a one-time “Gift Of Life” which is a $500 bonus for bringing new life into the world. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes about our respect for families and the family of all living things.

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