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BCG BrightHouse

May 03, 2023 · 1-minute read

Innovation on Purpose

We create purpose and innovation strategies that unlock a long-term, adaptable, competitive advantage.

Purposeful Foresight

We de-risk innovation by providing consumer, market, and human insights to map out possible outcomes and avoid unintended consequences.

Startup on Purpose

We empower your portfolio company and founders with tools and knowledge to harness the human side of your business, leveraging purpose in culture, strategy, and brand at scale.

Transformation Roadmap

We activate an innovation culture within your organization by using purpose-driven training that enhances the inventive capabilities of your leaders and associates.

Responsible AI and Technology

We reduce the risk of emergent, new-to-market technologies and use historical, market, and human insights to manage their deployment.

Moonshot Ambition

We help build new products and services by using human-centered design and humane holistic design to knit systems thinking and ESG into the development process.

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