Culture and Transformation

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BCG BrightHouse

May 03, 2023 · 1-minute read

Cultural Baseline

We excavate your organization’s cultural starting point and why it is that way, highlighting issues that require alignment or change.

Culture Articulation

We create a view of your desired culture framed around this question: What do we want our employee experience to be?

Behavior Definition

We identify specific, actionable behaviors that align to your values and desired culture to enable your organization’s strategy.

Culture Implementation

We specify and activate the measures needed to realize your desired culture, which can include defining behaviors as well as piloting ways to foster them within your operating context.

DEI People Strategy

We develop a DEI vision and narrative and ways to bring them to life through your employee lifecycle.

Employee Activation

We employ creative storytelling, unique experiences, and practical tools to enable your organization to achieve its desired culture.

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