Lighting the way to a brighter world

As “one house, many lights,” we believe that only when our individual lights shine together can we be a platform to launch — with audacious optimism — bold ideas that shape us and our world. That’s why we foster a diverse, equitable, inclusive workplace brimming with brilliance, where everyone is welcome to wonder and all voices are heard. This is a House we can all call home.

This commitment is woven into our principles — the beliefs and behaviors that enable us to Discover True Light in the World.

We believe family is everything, and everyone.

Being part of a family means knowing and feeling you belong. That’s why we welcome people from all walks of life, with varied talents and experiences. And like a family, we stand up for and with each other by promoting policies and practices that protect and unlock our potential. Because we believe differences can bring us together, and that heart beats everything.


We amplify voices and advance fresh voices by letting intelligence have fun.

As home to both strategy and creativity, we seek out ideas that differ from our own and push our perspectives. We embrace all identities, knowing each brings something insightful, interesting, and unexpected to the table — because more inputs mean smarter outcomes, and more players mean more fun.


We seek beauty in unique eloquence.

Within each of us is the desire to speak truth and say it well. That’s why we empower our thinkers to not only express themselves clearly and profoundly but employ their words and images for good. We encourage all to bring their unique voice to every discussion and let it fuel courageous conversation. Because in a world that believes actions speak louder than words, imagine how loud you can be with both.


We wonder? and wonder! as one.

To create the magic that changes the minds of people who can change the world, we must first be open to changing our own. Through curiosity and collaboration, we challenge conventions, our clients, and each other. With open hearts we open ourselves and others to a world filled with wonder.


We light the way to a world we believe in.

Equality, equity, and truth are illuminating. That’s why we champion access and advancement by giving all people, perspectives, and ideas a seat at the table where real impact happens. Because we believe only with ground-breaking thinking can we break down barriers and lead our clients and the world towards a brighter future.


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